Prez Notes

August 2014

Last we visited via this Newsletter, it was spring and all was ahead of us. All the Gopher Rides and events we have attended this year were before us. The Raffle Bike was still a bunch of parts. Parts many nay-sayers said would never get put together.

The Rodeo was also ahead of us.

We were looking at doing more with less. Money was tighter than usual and there is always the threat of weather or just nobody will show up.

Then there was the matter of selling 120 tickets @ 100 each. There were some, including me, who worried if we could make our profit for the Club.

The Club was boldly going where no club had gone before, pardon the Star Trek reference, but we were. Fast forward to the NOW.

The Raffle Bike came together in a frenzy. M.C. and Rick Berg did the motor and tranny work. It could not have done it without them. Rick and I did the major assembly and fab work. It turned out great. Stay tuned for more detailed account of everyone who helped. DONE.

The Rodeo came together one more time. We grew 50% in attendance. The Rodeo, it’s self was a blast with 13 Riders in each event. Wild and Wooly Rodeo fun that can be seen on the Pro Moto face book page. We did not end with a proposal of marriage this year, but the Potato in the Haystack was off the hook. Another great year in the books with great plans for the future… Thanks to all who helped YOU are appreciated. DONE.

Then there was the 120 tickets, many helped. Jack Shit sold a bunch, so did Jay. Many other bought multiple tickets. The last few weeks after working all day on the bike we hauled it down to Cheap Shots thunder Thursday and sold tickets. It was hard work but we pulled it off, as a Club as a group we pulled it off. Literally selling the last ticket as we were ready to draw the winner, but we did it!!!! DONE, DONE and Done !!!

Keep the Class in Classic.
Thanks as Always Bootmaker

The newsletter needs help, both with input and in the nuts and bolts part too. Send input, stories, pictures, tech tips, and suggestions to the Club mailbox at P.O. Box 4091, Spokane WA 99220. If you can help with the nuts and bolts, holler at me - I'd love to hear from you.