Prez Notes

December 2015

One day we are riding, enjoying the warm fall weather and BOOM Mother Nature blows that all away. Literally. The historic wind storm of 2015. Many were without left without power for days. More damage than Ice Storm. We were lucky here. Most got thru it on generators and fireplaces but we got through.

The Humane Society Swap Meet was a screaming success. Moving it to Saturday allowed folks (vendors) to travel farther. More Vendors means more people though the gates. Weather cooperated and many deals were made. All in all well done by all. The same weekend we did a small display at the Man Show. It was a lot of fun also. Thanks to Ed, Scott, Rick, Grover and all who dropped by. It was a whole new crowd that experienced the Classic Bikes.

It’s been a good year. The Clayton Rodeo and the Humane Swap Meet did well. The Gopher Rides were fun and well attended. If you missed them you missed out.

We have a few projects in the planning and parts gathering stage. We need a shovel head transmission ratchet top preferred. Billy Joe wants to build a chopper. Thinking of using the rigid frame I got from Grover and the old wide glide front end I’ve been saving, a skinny fender on rear with a 19” tire and wheel. A 21” front wheel and tire. Billy Joe wants to do something way different from what we have been doing. So skinny is the word for this one. Oh yea cone motor kick only.

The Christmas Party slash meeting is coming up. A quick vote or two then on to the fun come be a part of it all. December 13 at the Compat Vet Club house off Trent and Dick Rd. 2405 North Dick Road. Bring a dish and a present if you want to exchange a gift the party starts at 1300 hours.

Keep the Class in Classic.

The newsletter needs help, both with input and in the nuts and bolts part too. Send input, stories, pictures, tech tips, and suggestions to the Club mailbox at P.O. Box 4091, Spokane WA 99220. If you can help with the nuts and bolts, holler at me - I'd love to hear from you.