The Beginning

Motorcyclists are a sociable bunch who like to show off a bit!

In the summer of 1987 a couple of guys, Don Evans and John Ellersick were at the Coeur D'Alene fairgrounds watching the 1/2 mile dirt track races. They came up with the idea to display their bikes at the races. It sounded like fun so they went to Darrell Sims, the promoter of the races, with the idea. He liked the idea but had only one question. "Do you have a club?" John and Don looked at each other and agreed to organize one.

The next weeks were spent passing the word to other motorcyclists and the first meeting was held at Don's house in Post Falls. In attendance were Niel and Bonnie Cooper, Lee Olson, Steve Abbitt, John and Ade Ellersick and Don Evans. They founded the NWCMC at that meeting on November twenty-third.

Steve volunteered to preside over the newly formed club. Niel took on the job of incorporation of the club as a non profit organization. Don agreed to compile and publish a newsletter. Lee took the minutes at this meeting and it was decided that Ade would be the secretary for the club.

Four events were to be planned for the coming year. The first winter banquet was held at the Camelot in North Spokane. The prime rib was great! In the spring, the first show was held on the grass at the Coeur D'Alene 1/2 mile races and the second show was at Henley's Aerodrome on Hwy 95 north of Coeur D'Alene. It was called the "Kickstarter Classic".

Membership grew rapidly as the word got around, and the cheap ($10.00) dues, which included a free T-shirt, didn't hurt anyone's wallet. At the first picnic at Farragut State Park it was decided to conduct elections and normal club business there in August each year.

So if any of you were wondering why we attend these meetings, put on bike shows, have picnics, rides and campouts, its because of these people and all of us that came along later. But really its the bikes and our love for them that we share. They're the glue that holds us together.


~ President Gary (compasso)

Reprinted from “THE EXHAUST” Volume 12 Number 2, 1998

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